K - 3 Learning Pages:
Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers

Clip Art and Graphics

Graphic Garden - http://www.graphicgarden.com     My favorite. I've purchased all the sets.

Cute Colors -  www.cutecolors.com    The graphics are just darling; I've purchased many of hers.

Amreta's Graphic Corner - http://www.amretasgraphics.com/ Some linkware; sets

Classroom Clip Art - http://classroomclipart.com/cgi-bin/kids/imageFolio.cgi? Categories of topics with clear clips

Pinterest: School Clip Art and Images - https://www.pinterest.ca/luhryn/school-clip-art-and-images/ 250+ pins

Country Clip Art by Lisa - http://www.countryclipart.com/ Lisa has some great funky drawings; I've purchased some of her work as well.

Country Graphics by Camille - http://www.countrygraphics.com/ Good for web page design

Educational Clip Art - http://www.school-clip-art.com/ Lots of links

EduPics - http://www.edupics.com/ Coloring type pages for educational use

Grandma George - http://www.grandmageorge.com/Variety of collections

Just Jane's Graphics - http://jane2bob.tripod.com/There is a just for teachers section. Turn your volume down - comes with music.

Thistle clip - http://www.thistlegirldesigns.com cute, colourful kid-friendly clipart

Free Coloring - http://www.coloring.ws/coloring.html Links to all kinds of topics - alphabet (lower and upper case); space, puzzles, animals, community helpers, food... Great to use for preparing materials for your units.

Pinterest: Clip Art - https://www.pinterest.ca/janece/clip-art/ 6705 pins

Pinterest: Teacher Clip Art - https://www.pinterest.ca/explore/teacher-clip-art/?lp=true
Pinterest: Kids Clip Art - https://www.pinterest.ca/lakarla/kids-clip-art/ 110+ pins