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 Brain Gym

Brain Gym - http://www.eltnewsletter.com/back/May2001/art612001.htm Tom McGuire writes up a great summary of the findings and basic Brain Gym movements

Brain Gym Exercises - http://esl.about.com/library/lessons/blbraingym.htm Several activities that are suitable for using in the classroom

Brain Gym Research - http://www.teplitz.com/BrainGymResearch2.htm Annotated research projects

Brain Gym’s Midline Movements - http://www.dcdoctor.com/pages/brimhall/pdf/braingymactivities.pdf#search=%22Brain%20Gym%20movement%22 A summary of movements that can be integrated into the class

Edu-Kinesthetics - http://www.braingym.com/ Resources that can be ordered online

Official Brain Gym Site - http://www.braingym.org/  How to locate a consultant; summary of research projects