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Science - Kites

20 Kids 20 Kites 20 Minutes - http://www.molokai.com/kites/20kidskites.html A site from Hawaii – requires simple materials; easy instructions

abcTeach: Kites - http://abcteach.com/ Type in kites in the search box – there are 3 pages of printable resources – some of them are free to nonmembers

Billy Bear’s Mini-Kites - http://www.billybear4kids.com/graduation/summer/kite/make-it.html Small tissue paper kite instructions

Chronological History of Kites - http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~et3m-tkkw/history-table.html  From 478 B.C. to 2000 A.D. – this would be a great research and exploration site for gr. 2-3!

Clem’s Homemade Newspaper Kits - http://www.clem.freeserve.co.uk/ Instructions and drawings

Education World: Soar into Spring with Kites! - http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson056.shtml Classroom ideas

eThemes: Kites - http://www.emints.org/ethemes/resources/S00001260.shtml Good list of sites

Everything Preschool: Kites - http://www.everythingpreschool.com/themes/kites/index.htm Integrating ideas

Kids and Kites in the Classroom - http://www.ed.uri.edu/unitweb/dennis/KidsandKiteS.htm Monica Dennis has created a web quest type of page

Kite Life - http://www.kitelife.com/ A great source for photos to use as learning objects

Kite Plans - http://www.kite-plans.com/ An unbelievable list of kite designs with links to web sites that have the instructions

Carol's Favorite - 2007

Kites 4 Kids - http://www.kites4kids.com.au/ A messy site, but the links page offers a wide variety; as well, there is information on kite festivals

Kites for Kids Only - http://www.kckiteclub.org/DaveEllis/kidspage.htm  Descriptions on building several different kites as well as flying techniques

Kitez.com: Kite Aerial Photography - http://kap.kitez.com/ Another element to explore with your kids

NASA: Kites - http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/kite1.html A great, easy to read research site

Pratt’s Resources: Kite Theme - http://www.fastq.com/%7Ejbpratt/education/theme/kites.html Integrating ideas

Professor Kite and the Secret of Kites - http://www.gombergkites.com/howgen.html A great site - flying tips, safety issues, all with a sense of humor

Simple Kids Kites - http://www.kitebuilder.com/plans/simple.htm Diagrams and instructions

Single Line Bird - http://www.xs4all.nl/~pdj/birdkite.htm Simple kite plan

Step by Step Themes: Kites - http://stepbystepcc.com/kites.html Integrating ideas

Carol's Favorite - 2007

Virtual Kite Zoo - http://www.blueskylark.org/zoo/ Just too many options for you to explore here

Virtual Kite Zoo - http://www.blueskylark.org/zoo/class.html Great list of activities to do with kids in the classroom

Webtech: Kites - http://webtech.kennesaw.edu/jcheek3/kites.htm An amazing group of links collected by an educator

Carol's Favorite - 2007

Wikipedia: Kite Flying - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kite_flying Great for background information if you want your class to do research

Zwolle Elementary: Kites - http://www.sabine.k12.la.us/zes/kites/default.htm Another great long list of sites to check out

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