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Science - Space - Moon


YouTube: The Moon For Kids - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-b4XvuQo1Y almost 5 min.

NASA: Exploring the Moon: Guide for Educators - https://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/topnav/materials/listbytype/Exploring.the.Moon.html  downloadable resource

Blue Moon Lesson - http://www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Science/Space_Sciences/SPA0016.html If you get two full moons in a month, itís called a blue moon. Hereís a writing lesson ready to go!

Pinterest: Moon Activities - https://www.pinterest.ca/explore/moon-activities/?lp=true lots of great ideas

Google Moon - http://moon.google.com/ Image with landmarks of landing sites

Keithís Moon Page - http://home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/#cmp Excellent reference site!  

Phases of the Moon - https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/ess05.sci.ess.eiu.mphase/phases-of-the-moon/ informative

Little Giraffes: Sky - http://www.littlegiraffes.com/sky.html Integrating ideas

Moon Pictures - http://www.nineplanets.org/pxmoon.html Images to use for discussions, learning materials.

21 Super Activities for Teaching about the Moon - http://www.teachjunkie.com/sciences/21-super-activities-teaching-moon-phases/

The Earthís Moon - http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/earth/moons_and_rings.html&edu=elem Research source

Virtual Moon Phases - http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/vphase.html Click on the date and time to see a virtual image.

Wikipedia: Moon - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon The ultimate in reference data

Enchanted Learning: Moon - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/astronomy/moon/ Some good research material, plus printables

NeoK12: Moon - https://www.neok12.com/Moon.htm short videos, games, lessons