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 Christmas/Literature - Polar Express

Beyond Polar Express: Facts - http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/11/1108_041108_north_pole.html A National Geographic page with concise facts – good for research!

Chris Van Allsburg’s Home Site - http://www.chrisvanallsburg.com/flash.html Interactive

Class Brain: Polar Express - http://www.classbrain.com/artstudiomovies/uploads/arts_and_crafts.pdf Printables

Education World: Polar Express - http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson344.shtml  Many links to lessons and resources

Home School Polar Express - http://www.freehomeschooldeals.com/polar-express-100-page-activity-pack-for-k-3-subscriber-freebie/ Free 100 pg download

Houghton Mifflen Pajama Reading - http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com/features/thepolarexpress/pdf/polarpartykit.pdf  A 20 page pdf file with printables and ideas for a special party day.

Pinterest: Polar Express Activities - https://www.pinterest.ca/explore/polar-express-activities/?lp=true Lots of literacy ideas

Little Giraffe’s: Polar Express - http://www.littlegiraffes.com/polarexpress.html Polar Express party idea

Marcia’s Lesson Plans - http://www.marcias-lesson-links.com/polarexpress.html Some printables and integrating ideas.

TeacherVision: Polar Express Teaching Guide - https://www.teachervision.com/christmas/polar-express-teachers-guide printables and downloads

Polar Express - http://www.cape.k12.mo.us/blanchard/hicks/Reading%20Pages/Polar%20Express.htm Lots of material here for K-4 grade levels.

Hopping from K-2: Polar Express Unit - http://hoppingfromkto2.blogspot.ca/2014/12/polar-express-december-fun-and-winter.html

Reading Rockets - http://www.readingrockets.org/ Type in Polar Express in the Search box and you’ll get great material, including transcripts of interviews with Chris Van Allsburg.

Teacher’s Corner: Chris Van Allsburg - http://www.theteacherscorner.net/thematicunits/vanallsburg.htm Many of the links are not working here, but still some possibilities available.

Teaching Heart: Polar - http://www.teachingheart.net/polar.html Lots of ideas to integrate into your teaching

The Polar Express Delivers Equity in a Kindergarten Class - http://beyondpenguins.ehe.osu.edu/issue/water-ice-and-snow/the-polar-express-delivers-equity-in-the-kindergarten-classroom facts to fiction