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Affective Lesson Plans and Resources - http://www.cloudnet.com/~edrbsass/affectiveeducation.html Scroll past the advertisement lines and you will find close to 100 links in the various sections of affective learning.

Carol's Favorite - 2005

Assessing Young Childrenís Social Competence - http://www.athealth.com/Consumer/disorders/ChildSocialSkills.html Includes a checklist

BBC - Should Schools Teach Manners? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4318504.stm Interesting to read peopleís comments

Bullying PowerPoints - http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/schools/wes/webquests_themes/bullying/bullying.html Created by gr. 7 kids for younger students.

Character Education Partnership: http://www.character.org/site/c.gwKUJhNYJrF/b.993253/k.CB9C/Home.htm Listing of 11 principles of character development

Education World - http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson172.shtml Elaine Lindy, creator of the Absolutely Whootie Web site, shares three favorite folktales that will get kids thinking and talking about the importance of cooperation!

Encouraging Social Skills in Young Children: Tips to Share with Parents - http://www.humsci.auburn.edu/parent/socialskills.html A fairly condensed article

Framework of Limits - http://www.lifeseminars.com/courses/files/limits.pdf A great pdf file to use as a resource

Getting Along Together: Developing Social Competence in Young Children - http://www.pbs.org/wholechild/providers/getting.html Good ideas here

Helping Young Children Deal With Anger - http://www.athealth.com/Consumer/issues/childsanger.html Background and steps

Laura Candler: Social Skills - http://home.att.net/~clnetwork/socialsk.htm Gives specific coaching/teaching ideas

LD Online: Teaching Friendship Skills - http://www.ldonline.org/ld_indepth/teaching_techniques/childlit_socskills.html Includes scripts

Manners - http://fekids.com/img/kln/flash/DontGrossOutTheWorld.swf A flash presentation about table manners.

Ottawa Carleton School District: Safe and Caring Schools Component - http://www.ocdsb.edu.on.ca/General_Info/Safe_Caring_Schools/components.html#Elementary Complete with lesson plans

Precious Children: Teaching Young Children to Resist Bias - http://www.pbs.org/kcts/preciouschildren/diversity/read_teaching.html NAEYC reprinting

Respect - http://eqi.org/respect.htm A concise article with ideas

Rude Busters - http://www.rudebusters.com/etikid.htm This etiquette page has links to others written within the article - a great read

Skills for Social Problem Solving - Brief listing of some basics required for social skill development

Social Skills - http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/socialskills/ Some specific guidelines, and links to other sites

Strategies for Teaching Important Social Skills to Young Children - http://www.dbpeds.org/articles/detail.cfm?TextID=132 Workable ideas

Teaching Respect: Aboriginals - http://www.ammsa.com/classroom/CLASSEDDOS.html A great list to refresh your thinking!

Teaching Social Skills to Kidís Who Donít Have Them - http://sq.4mg.com/TeachSocSkills.htm Long list of ideas

Teaching Social Skills: PowerPoint - http://www.aea11.k12.ia.us/spedresearch/res1003/I-CASE.ppt A PowerPoint to use with staff or parents

Teaching the Skills of Peace - http://www.4children.org/news/501teach.htm Positive solutions

Teachnology: Respect Ė How to Teach It - http://www.teach-nology.com/tutorials/teaching/respect/ Scroll past the ads for a great little article

What Makes Kids Care? http://www.apa.org/pi/pii/care.html Thought provoking article

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