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Holidays - St. Patrick's Day

abcTeach: St. Patrick's Day - Printables http://www.abcteach.com/directory/theme_units/month_to_month/c_march/st_patricks_day/

A to Z Teacher Stuff - http://atozteacherstuff.com/Themes/St__Patrick_s_Day/ Excellent list of links to all sorts of resources!

Billy Bear's St. Patty Day - http://www.billybear4kids.com/holidays/stpatty/fun.htm Coloring pages, printables, online games including jigsaw puzzles.

BlackDog's St. Patrick's Day - http://www.blackdog.net/holiday/pat/ There are so many things to do and see here if you're looking for games, puzzles, jokes, mazes...

CanTeach Songs and Poems - http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/songspoems14.html Several to choose from.

Debbie's Unit Factory - http://www.themeunits.com/March_bk.html Lessons, traditions, cards

DLTK's St. Patrick's Day - http://www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/patrick/ Traditions, coloring pages, crafts, games, printables, recipes, and other links.

Enchanted Learning - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/stpatrick/ Crafts, coloring books, printable books, color by number pages, maps, word search, letterhead, flags. Excellent place to start!

Irish Gaelic Translator - http://www.irishgaelictranslator.com/lessons/article-53-10.html For some spice for the day... have the children learn a phrase or two in Gaelic. Pronunciation given.

KinderArt Seasons - http://www.kinderart.com/seasons/mar.shtml Scroll down to the 17th, and you'll find the links for crafts and cooking.

Lessons Plan Page - http://www.lessonplanspage.com/StPatricksDay.htm A dozen lesson ideas

Perpetual School - http://www.perpetualpreschool.com/spat_misc.html Teachers have emailed in their ideas - some really good ones tucked in!

Pratt's St. Patrick Day Links -  http://www.fastq.com/~jbpratt/education/sstudies/geog/stpatricks.html  Comprehensive list of links! Printables, games, bagpipe, music, recipes, crafts, photos.

Preschool Education: St. Patrick's Day Arts and Crafts/Poems - http://www.preschooleducation.com/apatrick.shtml lots of simple ideas for the little ones.
http://www.preschooleducation.com/spatrick.shtml poems and songs

St. Patrick's Day ESL - http://iteslj.org/Lessons/Seasonal/stpatrick.html Created for ESL teachers, but excellent links for all of us.

St. Patrick's Day Party Games for Kids - http://www.berries.com/blog/st-patricks-day-party-games-for-kids Interactive games

St. Patrick's Day Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/momto2poshdivas/st-patrick-s-day/ Huge collection of ideas to use in your classrooms

St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks - http://www.everythingesl.net/lessons/green_idioms.php Good for Gr. 3 - idioms.

St. Patrick's Day Videos - http://www.primarygames.com/holidays/st.patricksday/videos.php Music and stories

Squigly's Playhouse: St. Patrick's Day - http://www.squiglysplayhouse.com/Holidays/StPatricks.html Coloring, puzzles, online games

Teacher Planet: St. Patrick's Day Resource Page - http://www.teacherplanet.com/resource/stpatrick.php Excellent list of links!

Teacher's Guide: St. Patrick's Day - http://www.theteachersguide.com/stpatricksday.htm When you stop playing with the leprechaun cursor, you'll find ideas, print-out links, and clip art sites.

Teacher Vision: St. Patrick's Day - http://www.teachervision.fen.com/page/6666.html Ideas for integrating

Virtual Vine: St. Patrick's Day - http://www.thevirtualvine.com/St.html Ideas and links

Wearing of the Green - http://www.everythingesl.net/lessons/st_patrick.php Downloadable puzzles and games.