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Science: Water

Activity Idea Place: Water - http://www.123child.com/summer/water.html Long list of integrating ideas!

Canada’s Aquatic Environments - http://www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/ Plants, animals, habitats, humans, research; great for projects in nature involving water
Learning About Water - http://www.e-village.jp/polygon/polywet.htm A global project involving several classrooms: includes photos from Water Scenes, folktales, water play, water life, and water action.
Science of Water - http://www.professorbeaker.com/water.html Three properties of water, brief descriptions
Teach the Children Well - http://www.teachthechildrenwell.com/science.html#wat On this science page, you have to scroll down to the “W’s” for the Water links
Topic: Water - http://42explore.com/water.htm Links to lessons and online resources
Under 5s water play - http://www.under5s.co.uk/waterhr.html Great ideas for kindergarten and preschool
Water and Ice Module - http://www.edinformatics.com/math_science/water_ice.htm For your enrichment students!
Water in the City - http://www.fi.edu/city/water/ Some ideas for city-dwellers.
Water Play - http://www.preschoolexpress.com/discovery_station02/discovery_station_jul02.shtml a couple of different ideas
Water – Waste Not, Want Not - http://www.internal.schools.net.au/edu/water/ a collaborative project in Australia, gives you ideas of a water study unit