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Year End Ideas
Also see Summer

A to Z Teacher Stuff: End of the Year - http://atozteacherstuff.com/printables/cat_endyear.shtml Printables

abcTeach - http://www.abcteach.com/MonthtoMonth/poster.htm A printable for kids to record memories of the year

Billy Bear’s: School is Cool - http://www.billybear4kids.com/graduation/memory/book.html  Templates and printables for student books

CanTeach: End of the Year Songs & Poems - http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/songspoems56.html Nice diversity

Education World: Last Days of School - http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson184.shtml Several great ideas
http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson268.shtml  A few year end lessons

Enchanted Learning: Memory Book - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/books/schoolmemory/ Printables for your class to create their own books

Pinterest: Classroom End of the Year Activities - https://www.pinterest.ca/ashgo87/classroom-end-of-year-activities/ 100 pins, 442 followers

Pinterest: End of Year - https://www.pinterest.ca/hojostptstore/end-of-year/ 300+ pins, 8,863 followers

Pinterest: End of Year Activities - https://www.pinterest.ca/explore/end-of-year-activities/?lp=true best choices according to Pinterest

Lesson Plans Page: End of the Year Lessons - http://www.lessonplanspage.com/EndSchool.htm A long list of lesson ideas

Little Giraffe's Graduation - http://www.littlegiraffes.com/graduation.html Cute ideas for kindergarten

Scholastic: Professional – End of the Year -
http://teacher.scholastic.com/professional/endyear/ Some great ideas for you to use

Step by Step Themes: Summer - http://stepbystepcc.com/summer.html Books, ideas, links

Teacher’s Corner: End of the Year Activities - http://seasonal.theteacherscorner.net/end-of-year/ Lots of ideas to use for year end.

Teaching Heart: End of the Year - http://www.teachingheart.net/endoftheyearpage.html Lots of ideas (some to purchase) with poems, books, activities, ideas

Vicki Blackwell’s End of the Year - http://www.vickiblackwell.com/endofyear.html Lots of links!