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Zoo Theme Ideas

A to Z Stuff: Zoo - http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/zoo.html Activities, art, snacks, games

Activity Idea Place: Zoo - http://www.123child.com/lessonplans/animals/zoo.php Activities, art, center ideas, poems, games

Pinterest: Zoo Activities - https://www.pinterest.ca/cassie_osborne/zoo-activities-for-kids/ over 100 pins

Danielle’s Place: African Animals -
http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/africanAnimals.html African animal crafts
http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/animal_crafts.html animal crafts

Enchanted Learning: Zoo Book - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/books/animals/zoo/ An emergent printable book

Little Giraffe’s: Zoo - http://www.littlegiraffes.com/zoo.html Integrating ideas

Preschool Zoo Theme - http://www.everythingpreschool.com/themes/zoo/index.htm Resources for an integrated unit

Teaching Heart: All About the Zoo - http://www.teachingheart.net/zoo.htm Links to lessons, zoos, animal graphics, book lists, online activities, printables

NetVet Electronic Zoo - http://netvet.wustl.edu/zoo.htm Links to zoos

Virtual Zoo: http://www.lawrencegoetz.com/zoo/ A homemade zoo page.

Zoo Activities for PreSchool - https://www.pre-kpages.com/zoo-activities-for-preschoolers/ games, etc
Dramatic Play: Zoo Animals - https://teachingmama.org/zoo-animals-dramatic-play-activity/
PreK Pages: Zoom Theme - https://www.pre-kpages.com/zoo/

Research Ideas

San Francisco Zoo: http://www.sfzoo.org/ Great list of animals for research and a kids section with games and activities.

Sea World/Busch Gardens: http://www.seaworld.org/ Shamu is the guide to kids' exploration of animals and games.

Virtual Zoos

Belize Zoo - http://www.belizezoo.org/zoo/zoo.html Specializing in tapirs

Brevard Zoo: http://www.brevardzoo.org/ Take the panoramic virtual tour. You'll be right in Florida watching from the live cams!

Chaffee Zoo: http://www.chaffeezoo.org/ This zoo is inn Fresno, California and the site offers good research facts on the animals.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: http://www.cmzoo.org/ This zoo is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the site has an incredible resource on giraffes, including photos of a baby giraffe's birthing, and a giraffe web cam.

Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo: http://www.lpzoo.com/ A good tour of the animals with information.

Cincinnati Zoo: http://www.cincyzoo.org/  This web site on the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, has good information for research, especially about the relationship between plant life and animal life.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: http://clemetzoo.com/ This site offers a few unique items, including a fun and games section with a "Test Your Knowledge" quiz. The animal facts are quick to load and have concise information that is easy to read for young researchers.

Cool Cosmos: Infrared Zoo -  http://coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu/image_galleries/ir_zoo/ This is so modern! Thermal images of many animals – warm and cold-blooded; lesson plans, research, games

Electronic Zoo: http://netvet.wustl.edu/e-zoo.htm A place to search and explore online.

Folsom Children's Zoo & Botanical Gardens: http://www.lincolnzoo.org/   This zoo is located in Nebraska. The interesting sections for this web site are the quick time movie videos of unique animals including a mother sloth and her new baby. There is also an "Ask the Zookeeper" section that features a current question and archives to former questions from children visiting the zoo.

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo: http://www.kidszoo.com/ The best feature of this web site is the quick research facts to animals.

Minnesota Apple Valley Zoo: http://www.mnzoo.com/ This site offers 3 web cams, animal information and a kids corner.

National Zoo at the Smithsonian: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/ A most amazing site with web cams, information and incredible photos.

San Diego Zoo - http://www.sandiegozoo.org/ Live webcams of some animals, videos and good descriptions of a variety of animals

Toronto Zoo: http://www.torontozoo.com/  Visit the different pavilions; lots of video and photos.

Utah's Hogle Zoo: http://www.xmission.com/~hoglezoo/ This web site has an amazing data bank of animal photos and information.

Online Games

Animals of the World - http://www.kidscom.com/games/animal/animal.html An educational game

PBS Nature: Puzzles and Fun - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/fun.html Lots of games and puzzle choices

Zoboomafoo - http://pbskids.org/zoboo/ Interactive site